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Why do you have to include flax seeds in your diet?

Why do you have to include flax seeds in your diet?
Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds - another superfood, which is loved by healthy eaters. And for a reason , as even in Latin flax or linen means useful. And it really is! Small grains contain various vitamins, microelements and acids, that makes them indispensable in the diet. What are the benefits of using flax seeds and how they affect our bodies - read in our article.


Useful properties of flax seeds

Flax is excellent for preventing and treating various diseases. And all thanks to its composition. For example, small grains are a source of fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, exceeding even cod liver oil in this regard. And ,hopefully , this product is ideal for vegetarians.

Also, flax seeds contain vitamins A, E, B and F - having a beneficial effect on the skin condition and complexion , and helping to preserve youth longer. Flax seed oil, by the way, is often used in cosmetology.

Due to selenium, flax is suitable for tumor prevention as well as for improving vision and for the body cleansing. And the enveloping properties of this product allow you to use it even with digestion problems.

The content of potassium in flax seeds exceeds even it's content in bananas, that's why it's advised for improving cardiovascular and excretory system, as well as helping with edema and kidney problems. In addition, flax seeds are considered as leaders in the content of natural hormones - phytoestrogens, and therefore, are excellent for the cancer prevention, breast cancer in particular. Moreover, fiber contributes to a mild body cleanse and toxin removal, while giving a feeling of satiety. And also flax reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, has anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. So, this product is as good as gold and better . However, it's called so.

By the way, to get the maximum benefit from the superfood, it is quite enough to add it to different dishes in a small amount, but not more than three tablespoons a day. This product is essential and absolutely affordable.


Which form of flax seeds is better and what to use it with

We have just figured out why it is worth adding flax to your diet, but what to use it with and which form to choose? Like most superfoods, it can be used in a powdered form, mixing with water. It is important to remember that powdered seeds quickly oxidize, so they should be eaten immediately.
You can add seeds to various dishes - salads, cereals, smoothies, desserts and even while baking. As for baking, try using flax flour instead of wheat flour. It will be delicious and very useful!

However,even such a useful product can have some precautions and contraindications in the use. Thus, pregnant and nursing mothers have to consult a doctor before introducing a new product into their diet. The same applies to those who have diseases in the acute stage. As you understand, it's not just the product itself, but a reasonable approach to your health.


You can buy flax seeds in most health food stores, including our eco-market. The same applies to flaxseed oil. We will tell you how beneficial it is and also how to use it in the near future.

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