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Here is a selection of most interesting gifts for the new year!

Here is a selection of most interesting gifts for the new year!
A perfect gift, what's it?

Very soon there will be a range of winter holidays and rampant fun. And it's a right time to prepare for it! It is always pleasant and even slightly exciting to receive and to give presents, but choosing the right one doesn't seem to be easy. Let's be honest - everyone is fed up with useless souvenirs or cosmetic store gift certificates , although the latter is not so bad. But it's not longer original, alas. One wants something fresh, interesting and non-standard. Of course, we should say thanks to a well-known company, which always presents the latest version of the updated smartphone on time. But what to put under the Christmas tree except for a brand new iPhone? We made a selection of interesting and really cool gifts that, in our view, meet different needs. Believe me, you will be able to please your loved ones and surprise them pleasantly!



There are some things that surround us from the very childhood and it's impossible to imagine a modern person without them. Despite technological development, paper books are still relevant and in a high demand. And it's always a good gift idea. If you know the reader's interests - that's great! Otherwise choose a bookstore gift certificate. Give your loved one an opportunity to plunge into a pleasant atmosphere and slowly wander between the shelves, choosing a right book.


Healthcare and fitness gadgets

Here comes another both practical and motivating gift. After all, we all make new year's resolutions to "wake up early," "exercise regularly," "drink more water during the day". By the way, you can also drink water with even greater benefit for your body and the environment - for example, from a Flaska glass bottle, which can change the water structure. Yes, for sure! Moreover, it looks stylish: on the one part it’s just a water bottle, but on the other - a fashionable accessory. Such a gift won’t gather dust on a shelf, we bet. Smart and healthy gifts can also include sleep and fitness trackers. These bracelets are easy to use, they help to discipline yourself for a right sleeping schedule and physical exercises. The beginning of a year is the most appropriate time for that.


Hot air balloon flight

Whether it's a hot air ballon that could go to space, with the air, like it doesn't care or any other it is another matter. You can go ballooning not only in Cappadocia, but also in the Moscow region. Be sure, this is a gift that will have everyone gasping for air. After all, this is not only a new sensation, but also a great opportunity to look at the city from that height. You can do this in winter or spring - gift certificates usually last for several months, but strong impressions and vivid emotions last forever.


A yoga studio gift certificate

But let us come down to earth and choose a more practical gift. A yoga class pass is an excellent option with a number of advantages. Practically, it is useful for health, it is interesting, and, by the way, you could also have a chance to fly - in hammocks on a fly-yoga class. And unlike giving a gym pass as a present , a yoga class pass won't be perceived as a hint of one's weight gain . So, do not doubt choosing a month, six months or a year yoga class pass and please your relatives. They will be grateful to have such a present. In addition to the yoga class pass, you can buy a cool yoga mat.


A surprise trip

Who doesn't love a good surprise? And what if they are also connected with traveling? This is quite possible, and it's much more than just buying tickets and booking hotels. It’s about getting a tour that is completely unknown - you become aware of the destination only the day before a take-off. With places can be various: both European and Russian cities. Basically it’s the wheel of Fortune. By the way, the trip lasts for just a few days, therefore you can easily go off for a weekends and have fun during the trip.


A creative photoshoot

In the era of modern technologies and mobile phone possibilities many people give up using digital cameras. But there is no rush in doing so. Lovely selfies with friends - it's cool and fun, but professional photos are more suitable for the photo archive. Let's forget about usual and standard images - wearing a Christmas sweater and woolen socks. Think creatively and arrange, for example, a stylized photoshoot, inspired by a fairytale or a plot of your favourite movie. It could be a couple photoshoot, if you give such a present to your loved one. But you can also give a certificate for the services of a professional photographer and a make-up artist to anyone. Do not doubt, a creative photoshoot is always an interesting, unusual and exciting idea!


Tasty and healthy

Of course, any gift should be accompanied with a tasty and sweet complement. After all, what's a holiday without mandarins and sweets, especially if they are healthy. It seems that many girls' dream has come true - meet most delicious desserts that you can eat without remorse and fear of gain weight. We offer to your attention raw chocolate, sweets with original fillings, and sesame and nut cookies ... yum-yum ...
Also, healthy sweets will perfectly suit as a gift for colleagues. It's a trifle, but what a pleasant and delicious one!

And yet, giving presents is no less pleasant than receiving them. Especially when they are so interesting and impressive. We hope that this article will help you to make a right choice and to please your loved ones!


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