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Why do we need "Morning pages"?


Why do we need "Morning pages"?

Why do we need "Morning pages"?

Just as we clean our houses, putting everything in order, it is necessary to set things right in our heads, ordering our thoughts. This is the main idea of ​​the "morning pages". In order to start, take a clean sheet of paper, a pen and make 20 minutes of your time for this practice. Crucially, it is necessary to write "the morning pages" just after awakening. And it doesn't matter if you don't know where to start and what to write about - it's okay for beginners.

So fix that you don't know where to start and then everything that should appear on paper - will easily flow. You will need just to write down a stream of your thoughts without worrying about their meaning and how logically the sentences are connected and how perfectly the words are chosen. It's not important at all. Crucially, you will have to just express everything on paper and clean up your head.

In order to do it one doesn't need to have any writing skills. According to Julia Cameron, the author of the book "The artist's way" and the creator of this technique - everyone can write. To quote Julia Cameron, writing is in our nature, but one develops a literary skill and expresses itself, and the other is afraid to take a pen once again . But you definitely shouldn't be afraid of it. Everyone can really write, one just need to let it happen and make some time for it.

Do you remember your youthful years when many of us started writing private diaries, without even thinking about whether we were gifted enough to write or is this just for selected ones?

We just grabbed a pen and wrote down in our diaries some of our thoughts, significant events and emotions . We told the paper what had worried us, had pleased us or had made us suffer.

Anyway, the practice of "morning pages" in somehow similar to writing a private diary, but unlike the latter, you don't need to think of what to write down , you just do it.

"Morning pages"- how to do it right?

In order to get the most benefit from this practice, it is necessary to follow simple ,but important rules. First of all, it is necessary to do it in the morning, as this practice is called so for a reason.

Write immediately after waking up. Do it before having a shower or breakfast and getting ready for work. Just after your night sleep, take a sheet of paper, a pen and go on. Write everything that comes to your mind, whether if it's thinking about how you want to sleep a little more or you welcome a new day. As a rule, especially at the beginning of this practice, a lot of negativity, complaints and discontent are poured onto the paper. Often, an internal censor joining the practice to criticize us. This is quite natural and this shouldn't embarrass you. As you write your morning pages, your thoughts will change and your inner spirit will follow soon.

Write within 20 minutes, but regularly. Another important condition of this practice is its time limit. It is important not to write for five minutes or an hour, if you develop a taste for it-you have only 20 minutes to write everything you worry about, think or anticipate. It is necessary to limit your writing, but you should write regularly. You should do it everyday! Though, in order to practice the "morning pages" you would have to get up half an hour earlier, but believe me, it's worth it. The effect that you will achieve after this regular cleansing of your consciousness will definitely please and surprise you.

By the way, an unlimited version of this practice suits those whose work is connected with creation and writing texts. After all, even professionals in this sphere sometimes have minutes and days when their thoughts seem to evaporate. In this case, the practice of "morning pages" helps as well as possible. First, you release your consciousness and then write on the selected topic.

Do not read the written material. This is one of the most important rules - do not read and analyze what you have just written. You're not supposed to dig into the dust of your vacuum cleaner collector, trying to see what's inside.

In this case, the "morning pages" are a kind of vacuum cleaner for your head, allowing you to get rid of your accumulated garbage and unnecessary ideas. Since first such cleansing, your mind will be released and your mood will improve. Your written pages can be simply put aside somewhere and be forgotten for the next 3-4 months. And until that time just do not reread them. After this period , you probably wouldn't want to do it anyway.

Write by hand on paper. Well, as strange as it may seem , it is necessary to write by hand, on the simplest A4 sheets or in your notebook, even though there is a special e-service , where you can also write your "morning pages". This method allows you not only to relax from using various gadgets (at least for a while), but also stimulates your brain activity. By the way, there is another undisputed benefit of using paper - it can be burned after a while, allowing you to get rid of all your past experiences and so-called garbage.

As you can see, everything is quite easy and in order to do this, you don't need any special skills, talent or conditions. You can write these pages anywhere and as you like, the main thing is to do it in the morning. Even if you are on holidays or on a business trip - it doesn't matter, all you have to do is to wake up early in the morning, write down some of your thoughts and go back to your business.

When you start practicing regularly, it would become as necessary as cleaning your teeth every morning. With the help of paper and pen, we clear our minds of accumulated thoughts and experiences.

"Morning pages just can't be wrong or bad. This daily morning paperwork should not have anything to do with art. This "scribble" is just a tool, an instrument. Nothing more is required from you - just run your hand over the paper and write down everything that comes to your mind. And don't be afraid to express something very stupid, pathetic, senseless or odd - all come in handy. "An extract from Julia Cameron's " The Artist's Way ".

Writing morning pages is useful to everyone, regardless one's profession and age. But for those who are connected with creation, such practice opens new horizons.

For example, it removes the so-called "writer's block". Fresh ideas will appear in your head and your thoughts will become clearer.

When we start something new, we always ask ourselves: "How soon will the result appear?" It will take time to succeed. Some people have been writing "morning pages" for a month, others for two years. The first results, as a rule, appear after several weeks of daily practice, when your consciousness is being released and clarified. Try to make room in your head to assess how your life will change.


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