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Who wants camu camu berries?

And today we are going to talk about another interesting superfood. Namely, camu camu berries!

Why is spirulina useful and does everyone need it?

What are the main advantages of spirulina, how does it affect our body and in what form is the best to use? You can find out about it and much more in our article. Have a nice reading, my friend!

Kundalini Yoga

There are lots of yoga schools , but there is one that could fundamentally change person's life. This is not a miracle , but a real transformation on physical and energy levels. Are you eager to learn more about it? Then read up on it-what kundalini yoga is like, how it affects the practitioner and what to expect when going to classes!

Why do we need "Morning pages"?

Just as we clean our houses, putting everything in order, it is necessary to set things right in our heads, ordering our thoughts. This is the main idea of ​​the "morning pages".

Acai berries - youth ingredient

You will be nuts about these mysterious berries which are called "the miracle of nature," the "fountain of youth" and even the "pearl of the Amazon"! 

5 rhythms dance. Release your emotions and loosen up
Practice that releases our emotions, helps to loosen up and reveals our inner potential - 5 rhythms dance. What is it and why is it necessary for every person?
Wheatgrass drink, to drink or not to drink, that is a question.
A mysterious wheatgrass drink or simply juice from the wheat shoots is becoming more popular and in a high demand.
Health and beauty in one glass
In spring, our body especially needs an extra portion of vitamins and at the same time, however, it needs the detox.
Sources of calcium for vegetarians and not only

Where do vegetarians get calcium? One of the most popular questions for those who follow vegetarian diet. It also worries most of the vegetarian beginners and those who can't digest lactose.

Here is a selection of most interesting gifts for the new year!
Very soon there will be a range of winter holidays and rampant fun. And it's a right time to prepare for it! It is always pleasant and even slightly exciting to receive and to give presents, but choosing the right one doesn't seem to be easy. 
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