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Acai berries - youth ingredient


Acai berries - youth ingredient

You will be nuts about these mysterious berries which are called "the miracle of nature," the "fountain of youth" and even the "pearl of the Amazon"! Superfood, which we could not ignore and had already tried ourselves - Acai berries. On the outside they resemble large blueberries, and they taste like chocolate with nuts. Clearly, this is an unusual combination. However, acai berries are not as simple as they may seem! How useful are they, how do they affect our body and how to use them- read in our article.

Acai berries are called superfoods for a reason , as they contain a lot of useful substances and have different properties. Acai berries are the world's first product for the content of antioxidants and for this reason they fully justify the title of "the fountain of youth." Moreover, they are fiber-rich , contain A, D, K, E and Group B vitamins and such micro elements as calcium, manganese, potassium, copper, zinc and iron. Also they contain a high-dose vitamin C. Can you imagine how powerful could be its effect on our body and how much items can it replace in our diet?

Thus, using acai berries in your diet helps you stimulate your brain activity, concentrate and remain extremely attentive or indeed have a positive effect on your mood. So, we can easily replace coffee and reduce the amount of chocolate we eat. In addition, acai berries accelerate body recovery of the body after the operations, various infections and diseases.

What other useful properties does this Brazilian superfood, growing on palm trees, have? So, the acai berries can:

* Slow the cell aging process ,

* Have a strong anti-inflammatory effect,

* Boost immune system , increasing the body's resistance to various infections,

* Remove toxins from the body,

* Improve the digestive system,

* Reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and positively affect the work of the cardiovascular system,

* Normalize the pressure,

* Improve memory and normalize sleep,

* Have a beneficial effect on male potency,

* And even fight cancer cells in the body.

Thanks to being high in carbs, these berries perfectly boost your energy level, which is very important for high physical and mental activities. That's why this superfood is very useful for ones who are doing sports or, for example, preparing for exams.


Everything is clear about acai berries useful features , but we should figure out what form is the most suitable and what quantity is the best . In fact, everything is simple. For the best effect, you don't have to eat them continuously and in large quantities. On the contrary, this superfood should be dosed and one shouldn't forget about the high concentration of various micro-elements , being useful for the body, though. You can find acai berry powder on the shelves of our shops more often . It is very convenient for making drinks, desserts and other dishes that you want to enrich with useful properties.

A delicious "Asai bowl with granola" breakfast recipe has been recently released on our YouTube-channel. This dish can be easily cooked at home and will definitely please your loved ones. By the way, this dish will perfectly suit adults or kids as a snack during the day.


By the way, acai berries are used not only in cooking. Beauticians also couldn't bypass such a useful product that contributes to the skin rejuvenation and increases its elasticity. In addition, acai skincare products improve the complexion and condition of your skin , help you to get rid unevenness and breakouts, and even prevent an appearance of dark spots. In short, this product is a godsend in any sense! Certainly, girls will appreciate the acai berries and include them in their diet.

We have already tried this superfood and felt its powerful impact! Cheerfulness, energy charge and great mood combined with beautiful skin - this is something that we definitely like. Now it's your turn to try!


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