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5 rhythms dance. Release your emotions and loosen up


5 rhythms dance. Release your emotions and loosen up

When you live in a megapolis, you become a part of something big and immense. Our life adapts to a given rhythm and every day it picks up speed with which the city moves. We try to have it all, be up-to-date ,go places and don't miss anything interesting. Riding the wave of a city, we aren't on the the same page with ourselves quite often, forgetting about our true desires, aspirations and emotions. But we can stop this madness with the help of a dance!

Practice that releases our emotions, helps to loosen up and reveals our inner potential - 5 rhythms dance. What is it and why is it necessary for every person?

Dance - improvisation

Dance is the easiest way to relax and listen to your body. This is especially true for the residents of big cities who are constantly stressed, feel tension and seem to be accustomed to it. Due to this state one could face psychological and then physical problems in a form of various diseases.

"5 rhythms dance" was created by the world-famous dance teacher, theater director and creator of the "Mirrors" company-Gabrielle Roth. This dance quickly won the hearts of the Americans, and then of Europeans. And this is not accidental as Americans and Europeans are more exposed to stress.

5 rhythms dance is a practice that releases our emotions, removes our internal settings and helps to loosen up. There are no learned elements and movements that should be repeated each lesson. You will dance in a way you allow yourself to relax and be yourself. The point is to fully unburden yourself and improvise, listen to your body and perform all of its "directions."

Each person's dance is so unique and distinctive that allows you to see a new side of yourself. This practice frees you from endless thoughts, limitations, criticism, constant control, patterns, stereotypes and rules.

It's not a secret that emotions need to be released. Any psychologist will tell you so. Unfortunately, many of us for years develop grit and resilience, not allowing emotions to go beyond the limits of our bodies, which leads to physical and psychological problems.

Sooner or later, your locked emotions will find a way out - in the form of a nervous breakdown or worse - illness. In this case, this dance helps to release yourself and your body and thus prevents problems.

What does the "5 rhythms dance" look like and whom does it made for?

Such a dance is suitable for everyone, regardless one's age and physical abilities. No special skills are needed to perform it. This is a dance of free movements in which you listen to the impulse of your body , that's all. No thoughts, no doubts, no shyness and no looks over your shoulder.

The whole dance lasts for 1.5 -2 hours and consists of successive rhythms, each rhythm has its music sounds.

The first rhythm is "Flowing". It teaches you grace and smooth, soft, feminine movements.

The second rhythm is "Staccato". It teaches you certainty, completeness, clarity and jerky,masculine movements.

The third rhythm is "Chaos". A new form of creative embodiment. It teaches you uncontrolled, unpredictable and chaotic movements.

The fourth rhythm is "Lyrical". It teaches you integration and unity,graceful and repetitive movements.

The fifth rhythm is "Stillness". It teaches you contemplation and pacification, to move from immobility, to observe the primary impulses.

During the "5 rhythms dance" we flow from one state to another, allowing our body to move at its own pace and to take the necessary actions. Sometimes he actions are unpredictable, but so free , though . We move as our body wants, released from strict control and directions. This technique allows you to reveal your inner potential and be free. After all, this is what we all seek for, especially if our activities are connected with creation.

Despite its simplicity and accessibility, such dance is not taught everywhere. This dance is just gaining popularity in Russia. The thing is, the practice of "5 rhythms" is a registered trademark, that's why not everyone has the right to teach it.

There is a whole system of certification and professional development of the teachers. And now most of them are based in Europe and North America, that's why, going on a trip, add to your list "must see" one more point . Surely, you will be satisfied.

In Moscow, one can attend seminars of foreign teachers who lead the practice of "5 rhythms" from time to time in our city. In order not to miss such an event, follow the updates of the event timetable on our website.


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