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Why is spirulina useful and does everyone need it?


Why is spirulina useful and does everyone need it?

You've probably heard about the benefits of spirulina, as today each of us has at least one friend who takes these magical algae in the form of pills or in a powder. A specific strong odor can push you away from using them in your diet, but do not rush to make hasty decisions. The product deserved the love of many devotees of a healthy diet for a reason.

What are the main advantages of spirulina, how does it affect our body and in what form is the best to use? You can find out about it and much more in our article. Have a nice reading, my friend!

What is spirulina and why is it useful?

To begin with, spirulina refers to cyanobacteria, the so-called blue-green algae, and has been known to a mankind for many hundreds of years. It used to be dried, grinded into a powder and in this form was used for food. Today you can buy spirulina in the form of powder or pills. And at this moment arises a question of personal preferences: is it convenient for you to add this superfood to your drinks or just wash it down with water and enjoy a positive effect on your body.


First of all , spirulina is a source of vegetable protein and group B vitamins, including the most needed B12. The latter is especially relevant for vegetarians, vegans and raw-eaters. So, it is believed that one tablespoon of spirulina powder contains 300% of the B12 daily standard !!! Just imagine a concentration of useful substances in this superfood ...

And thanks to the large amount of protein and low caloric content, this product is often used for a weight loss, that's why so many girls love it. But despite all the miraculous properties of this product, it is unlikely that you will lose weight only with the help of this superfood. Healthy diet and sports should be included.

Moreover, these algae are also an excellent source of many microelements: iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, potassium and calcium. And due to the high content of iron - are useful in for those who suffer from anemia and low hemoglobin level.

But there is also something that distinguishes spirulina from any other product on the planet. This is the only known antitumor substance - phycocyanin, which can stop the growth of cancer cells.

And now more detailed information about the usage of spirulina and how it affects the human body:

- strengthens immune system and successfully prevents the ARVI and helps during epidemics,

- accelerates the processes of healing and skin regeneration after injuries and surgeries,

- reduces the level of sugar in the blood, which is especially important for those who suffer from diabetes,

- helps to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body,

- helps to cleanse the intestines and restores the body microflora,

- normalizes blood pressure and cardiovascular system,

- allows you to stay active and energetic with high physical and mental loads,

- improves memory,

- positively affects the nervous system, due to the content of folic acid,

- improves the skin appearance, helps to get rid of acne,

- slows down the aging process in the body.

As you can see, spirulina is a very useful and important product in the diet of any person. But as dealing with any other superfoods it is worth knowing where to stop. After all, a medal always have two sides, and apart from the benefits , there are special features of using it and its contraindications. Spirulina is not an exception, and is not advised to everyone. So, for example, people with autoimmune diseases should not use it. These algae activate immune system , which can badly affect the condition of a patient with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis. Also, do not use spirulina with the products that reduce blood coagulability.

As for pregnant and young children, they should not use spirulina without consulting a specialist. Even talking about such a useful product , moderation and certain indications are required.


What to use spirulina with and in what quantity?

This superfood is recommended to be taken during one and up to three months, then a break is needed. As for the dosage, an average adult should use 3 grams of spirulina per day, but in any case it is better to consult a specialist beforehand and to determine the length of a course and the amount of spirulina you need.

If you can't stand the sharp smell of algae - you can use spirulina in the form of capsules. It is better to do it in the morning on an empty stomach, washing them down with lots of pure and still water. If a specific odor does not bother you, you can add the algae powder to your smoothies. All depends on your personal preferences.

Finally about where to buy such a useful product. Spirulina is sold in health food stores, including those specializing in products for vegetarians. If you want to order spirulina- try our online store with the opportunity of home delivery.

My friends, listen to your body and do not forget to help it with such useful superfoods. Take care of yourselves!


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