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Wheatgrass drink, to drink or not to drink, that is a question.


Wheatgrass drink, to drink or not to drink, that is a question.

A mysterious wheatgrass drink or simply juice from the wheat shoots is becoming more popular and in a high demand. And many healthy-eaters have already appreciated the powerful effect of cleansing, rejuvenation and healing of this drink. However, not everyone knows about the useful properties of the wheatgrass , so we would like you to find out about its use , how it affects our bodies and are there any restrictions on the usage.

Useful properties of drinking the wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice contains 80% of chlorophyll, the so-called sun energy. Therefore it is not surprising that green juice invigorates, increases human's activity and efficiency. Moreover , wheatgrass:

• strengthens immunity,

• provides your body the cleanse from toxins and carcinogens,

• reduces blood sugar,

•rejuvenates the body and tones you up,

• protects cells from cancer degeneration,

• accelerates the skin regeneration,

• suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria,

• improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

And positive properties of this green drink do not end there. Wheatgrass is a kind of superfood in a liquid form. In addition to chlorophyll it contains vitamins A, E, C, as well as vitamins of B group, minerals - iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, amino acids and enzymes.

The wheatgrass helps to restore the lack of necessary substances, and it is quite cheap. Many vegetarians have already appreciated this drink, as it contains 17 amino acids which are necessary for our body. To get them, you do not need to chew a ton of grass, just drink a shot of freshly squeezed juice, cheer up and enjoy your life. By the way, you need to drink it on an empty stomach, just before meals. And what is very important - it should be drunk within 15 minutes after preparation, otherwise it becomes useless. Unlike many superfoods, which retain their properties for a long time.


In most cases wheatgrass juice is used for the preventive purposes, as it is easier to prevent a disease rather than treat it. In Europe, for example, many people grow wheat at home and use its green stems to make a healthy drink, unlike our country where this practice is not so popular yet, so wheatgrass is more often drunk at healthy food cafes rather than prepared at home. However, if you want, you can do it yourself. The main thing is to use wheat stalks of 5-10 centimeters high (not higher). Grind them in a blender and mix with a little water. If possible, it is better to use a screw juicer, which will retain all the beneficial substances of this product and reduce the waste. In this case eating wheat grains is not recommended.

Who shouldn't drink wheatgrass juice ?

As for contraindications , everything is easy. Wheatgrass is not recommended only to those who suffer from an individual intolerance to the product. Even lactating mothers can drink this juice. By the way, the wheatgrass stimulates and improves lactation, and also accelerates the body recovery.

Therefore, do not be afraid of using the wheatgrass , as this is real youth and health elixir. It is believed that with its regular use you can not only slow down the aging process, but vice versa, rejuvenate your body.

Well, shall we try?


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