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Kundalini Yoga


There are lots of yoga schools , but there is one that could fundamentally change person's life. This is not a miracle , but a real transformation on physical and energy levels. Are you eager to learn more about it? Then read up on it-what kundalini yoga is like, how it affects the practitioner and what to expect when going to classes!

Kundalini yoga is not just a set of asanas requiring consistent performance . First of all, it is an effective and powerful method of dealing with your body and mind, which includes certain exercises and special breathing techniques, meditation and mantras chanting . This combination is called upon to raise energy in human's body. Hence the name, as kundalini is nothing but the energy concentrated in the sacrum. Waking up, kundalini passes through all the body energy centers along the vertebral column to the very top of the head, thereby connecting a person with the space energy.

More often, such kundalini awakening is called "second birth". While practicing , you notice changes at all levels - physical, emotional and energetic. You should be ready for it when going to classes, as the first results appear almost immediately.

Yoga kundali became widespread in the west as far back as 1969 thanks to Yogi Bhajan, when the first lessons were held. In our country the kundalini school appeared only in 1991, and today it has become very popular and in high demand.

Kundalini is perfect for those who want to embody their potential in this world. Kundalini yoga practitioners develop the ability to observe their own desires, thoughts, emotions and sensations. It provides better self-understanding. And what is more - this practice does not require withdrawal from society and seclusion.

On the contrary, it gives you strength and energy to express yourself vividly in all spheres of your life - at work, in business, in family life and in creation. Going to a new level of awareness, inspiration and health, which are achieved through kundalini awakening, one becomes more productive and efficient in the conditions of a modern rhythm of life.


How kundalini yoga classes are held

Each lesson begins and ends with the mantra chanting . Static and dynamic exercises, which are fairly easy in terms of their performing , give a powerful effect due to their duration. Sometimes asanas performing could take from one minute to an hour, and even more.

During the practice, much attention is paid to bandhams (locks), mudras (symbolic arm positions ) and breathing techniques. The latter is also an extremely important condition.

In order to start exercises, no preliminary physical training is needed. But one should understand the seriousness of this practice, as powerful kundalini energy awakening really changes consciousness, as well as the quality of perception and life priorities. At the same time, person's confidence in his abilities grows, fear and unnecessary anxiety disappear.


Among other things, kundalini yoga rejuvenates your body, gives you a charge of vivacity and vitality, improves your mood and well-being as a whole. The undisputed advantage of kundalini yoga is that you notice a quick result, which appears right at the first lesson. Thus, you will immediately understand - is it your cup of tea or not. But there is just one way, as each of us wants to be successful, self-confident, healthy, energetic and happy ! Therefore, kundalini yoga is an excellent choice for those who live consciously and want qualitative changes.

By the way, it is said that this yoga school is more suitable for women, as kundalini is the embodiment of female energy. In fact, for men it is as effective.

That's why we are waiting for everyone in our Yoga & Practice studio, where you can find out about this yoga school , talk with the teacher and get a powerful charge of energy and pleasure!

See you on the yoga mat!


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