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Health and beauty in one glass


Health and beauty in one glass

In spring, our body especially needs an extra portion of vitamins and at the same time ,however, it needs the detox. Fresh-squeezed juices are perfect for this purpose, as they saturate you with healthy substances, accelerate your metabolic processes, improve your mood, and provide you with vitamins, at the same time purifying your body.

A lot has been said about the benefits of drinking fresh-squeezed juices, and we agree that they are useful to drink, but one should know when to stop and don't go to extremes, as in any other treatment, though.

In the winter we tend to have more cheat meals than usual, and to be honest , Christmas holidays do not pass without a trace. If your diet is not yet perfectly clean and green, then you should pay more attention to detox with the help of juices.

This will allow your body to focus on renewing in the anticipation of the summer. In general, "Juicing" is suitable for both vegans and raw-eaters, as it provides you with extra vitamins and light meals- an additional benefit for our body.

Why juicing is an ideal option for detoxifying?

First of all, juices are healthy and nourishing, which means that we do not feel hungry and don't have obsessive thoughts about food. In addition, juices are delicious! Moreover, it is easier for us psychologically to endure fast days that limit us in nutrition.

But you can let your imagination run wild focusing on your taste preferences and mix a variety of fruits and vegetables to make a drink.

Drinking juices or in other words "Juicing" is now gaining popularity. During juicing period, your usual dishes are excluded from the diet and you can drink only fresh-squeezed juices instead of them. This practice should last no more than 3 days, as in any case you should know when to stop and be careful.

Focusing on your own well-being, you have to adjust the duration of "juicing" period. As in any other case, our body always gives us the right clues as how to do the right thing.

During juice cleanse there is no acute sense of hunger, weakness and other unpleasant sensations which you may be afraid of. You may feel an energy boost approximately on the third day of the practice. Let alone getting a large amount of glucose from the juice, we do not spend energy on cooking, and, what is more important -on digesting the usual food.

Thus, there is an additional surge of energy that can be channeled into the right direction. And at the same time it could give your body an opportunity to have a small gastronomic rest.

What can juice cleanse give you?

1. Effective cleansing from toxins and ,as a result, weight loss. After all, as you know, some extra pounds are nothing more than the accumulation of toxins.

2. A feeling of lightness in your body as this effect flows smoothly from the previous point. Moreover, good mood is guaranteed, as it's always nice to find out that you're looking slim!

3. Fresh and radiant complexion due to getting rid of toxins, as well as getting a rather powerful vitamin charge. Our skin is a kind of indicator of the purity of our body and the intestine in particular.

4. Energy and vitality boost, which is quite natural. Your released energy is intense, vitamin charge and color therapy at due to bright fruits and vegetables do their job.

There are enough benefits of juicing, but during the cleanse you should listen more attentively to your body signals. Of course, during the detox, you could experience some unpleasant sensations -headache, dizziness, weakness, but this is a quite natural process during the body cleanse due to toxins entering the blood, so do not be afraid of such symptoms.

However, if you have any stomach diseases , then carefully choose the juice components in order not to cause an exacerbation of your problem.

Juices that help you detox

Besides personal taste preferences , it is worth considering the pursued goal. One wants a general cleanse, another pays special attention to the liver, according to the aim one should choose different juice components . Each product has certain properties and the effect on the body. So, for example, beetroot juice is perfect for the liver cleanse, green juices with celery, spinach and parsley perfectly alkalize the body.

The latter is very important as various health problems could appear due to the violation of the acid-base balance. That's why everyone ,including children , should drink green juices as a preventive measure . If you are not used to a specific taste, then add green berries or fruit to the greens.

Beetroot perfectly mixes with greens, as well as with carrots. You can mix all the root crops with each other without any doubt and as a result you will have a nourishing and maximum healthy drink.

Celery can be mixed with different ingredients, slightly shading the taste of juice. N/B: apple, celery, spinach - classic, interesting in composition. By the way, some juices, such as pineapple or citrus, need to be slightly diluted .

You can also drink mono options, such as orange, apple, cucumber or carrot juice, but the mix of ingredients will be more nourishing and due to different components you will get a whole range of useful substances, vitamins and minerals. The wholesomeness in one glass!

For those who have no time to make juice, there is an alternative option - to buy ready-made ones. Different juicing systems with a thoughtful menu for the whole day has been developed,so that you can save your time and do not experience discomfort.


Juice or a whole fruit?!

Many of us often wonder : "Why is it better to drink a glass of fresh- squeezed juice instead of eating the whole fruit or vegetable?"

In fact, everything is easy - there are much more useful substances and minerals contained in one glass of juice than in one serving of vegetables / berries/ fruit.

In addition, fresh-squeezed juice contains less fiber, which helps alleviate the digestive process, allowing the fastest and easiest assimilation of the useful substances. That's why, drinking a glass of juice, we help our body to get vitamins directly and at the same time to make amends for not eating vegetables and fruits in their usual form.

Where to start and how to spend days on a juice cleanse?

It's better to get used to the detox program having one-day practice, during which one should drink a certain amount of juice. Feeling well the next day one can go with the juice cleanse bravely. Beginners shouldn't drink juices for more than three days in succession.

The key to the success of the juicing program is in its periodicity, not in duration, though . Having fast days on juices several times a month is better then following this detox diet for a week, but only once a year.

During fast days it is better to reduce physical activity, preferring easy yoga asanas and stretching. You should smoothly ease out of a juice cleanse - do not lash out at the usual food, raiding the fridge. During the first day after juicing you could add fresh fruit and some vegetables, such as cucumbers and celery, to your diet.

In a day, you can gradually add cereal. Then you can move to your usual diet, but without any cheat meals. It is important to keep in mind the goal and follow moderate diet. Clean body is a healthy tomorrow!

P.S. Finally, a little life-hack. Fruit acids contained in the juice can destroy tooth enamel, that's why it's better to drink it through a cocktail tube. Thus, you will have a charge of vitamins and keep your teeth healthy.


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