Вкус & Цвет
The awakening
of tastes and senses
You can take a step forward
in any desired direction.
About us
We know there will be people who share the same beliefs as we do. We know we have been looking for each other for a long time and with decision. The idea of the lightness of existence without imposed fears and endless duties is in the air. It's time to recall who we are. We are part of something bigger and perfect.

Stop for a moment and think. The present has: " sound," "light," "color," "taste" and most importantly- a sense of joy. The present is lively, flowing and real. Just feel it! In order to do this you just need to replace a habit of living in your thoughts with the habit of living in the present. For this purpose we created the project "Vkus & Cvet", which should be your guide to the real moments of the present and the source of a positive attitude to life.

Of course, this could be not so simple, but "Vkus & Cvet" knows how to help you:
1. We will help you find answers to important questions in order to be healthy and happy.
2. We will collect the most interesting and helpful information for you and your soul will rejoice in new discoveries and self-knowledge.
3. We will cook a meal that will make you enjoy every moment and you will freely shift into the precious "here and now".
4. We will keep a company to the like-minded people and together we will follow the path of a long and happy life!
A new healthy food cafe, where you can taste vegan and raw food, natural desserts and healthy drinks.

We don't just cook, we cook equally for ourselves and for others and even better, as we value our guests above anything else. Each recipe is carefully worked out and fine-tuned. There is a wide range of drinks in our menu: smoothies, herbal teas and even coffee with almond milk of our own production.
The interior of our cafe is thoroughly thought-out so that you make yourself comfortable.

But if you are in a hurry, you can pick up a takeaway or have the food delivered to your house (or to the office). Eating out can be not only delicious but also healthy! We know it for sure.
Modern, stylish space with unlimited possibilities for carrying out various events.
A unique space for various events, where you can male all your desires and plans a reality. And all this in one place!

You can have a birthday or business party, organize a private event with a buffet table, hold a photo-video set, a lecture or a master-class on various subjects (including culinary), use musical or DJ equipment, rent a room for your event or simply read a good book in a pleasant atmosphere.
That's why we created this space - modern, stylish and with unlimited possibilities. Come and see for yourself.
Yoga and spiritual practices studio where you can escape from the vanity of everyday life and plunge into the depths of your own Universe.

A space for yoga and practices whose names speak for themselves. We are all part of something bigger, more important and limitless, but in the bustle of modern days we often forget about it and lose the sense of harmony. Each person needs some time to himself or herself.

To do this, we created the space for yoga and practices #YAKOSMOS which has everything you need. Various yoga schools (including kundalini and 23), dances, a day disco, a meditation (traditional, OSHO), a healing center, an astrologer or a tarologist consultation. Here you will find everything for spiritual and physical development. We are sure - everyone can discover the Space in oneself.

Working hours:
VEG & RAW CAFE: Mon - Sun from 10.00 to 21.00
ECO MARKET: Mon - Fri from 10.00 to 19.00 MULTIFORM: Mon - Sun from 09.00 to 21.00
YOGA & PRACTICE: Mon - Sun from 09.00 to 21.00
Our address:
127015, Moscow, 36, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya street, building #6, Design-factory "Flacon"

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