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Raw Olivier Salad

Порций: 4
Подготовка: 3 hours
Приготовление: 20 min

New year is comming soon, so it's time to think about your holiday menu. The first thing that comes to mind is the traditional Russsian salad “Olivier”, which is loved by many people. But one is forced to refuse it because of some ingredients included in it's composition. But we want to tell you a little secret - in order to stay healthy - you don't have to give up your favorite dishes. You just need to trasform them a little. Today we will show you how to make the famous holiday dish without heat treatment. In our recipe you won't find any mayonnaise or boiled potatoes, but you will crunch some cucumbers to your heart's content under the chiming clock! Well, let's try to make “Olivier”?

Raw Olivier Salad
You will need :

For RAW-mayonnaise:
Ingredients 2
Presoak cashews for 2 hours.
Put all the mayonnaise ingredients in the blender and whip. You have to add live water to archieve the homogeneous consistency.
live water
Peel avocado and carrot and then dice them.
avocado and carrot
Dice the rest of the ingredients (cucumber, apple, green onion) too.
green onion
Put the diced vegetables into a deep plate .Dress with sauce of nessesity.
Not only you can cook the delicious "Olivier" salad , but also you can serve it creatively. You will have to make just a few simple actions to make your dish look like it is made in one of the best restaurants. You need to use a special shaping salad ring. Now put a form on the plate and place "Olivier" salad inside the ring and press it slightly . Gently remove the ring and garnish the salad with fresh herbs to taste!

By the way, some salad forming rings are sold with the special press, which allows you to repackage your dish as quick and easy as possible.

And finally, a little trick - if you don't have any special rings for the salad at home, you can use a detachable baking pan (without the bottom!) or biscuit moulds.Christmas tree biscuit mould will be a perfect option for your dish decoration ! Such a design will be appealing not only to adults but also to the youngest guests!)

Happy New Year!

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